Sunday, September 25, 2011

Parade Index: Cast of Characters

Dongmaster Stereoscockic Viewer”

Tyler Luetkehans and Justin Long

“Justice Uda Nihm

 Jay Schleidt and Allison Prideaux

“Hanging by a Thread”

Faye St. Laurent

2007- Researchers synthesize human sperm from female bone marrow. Is this the end of the phallocentric age?

“King Dong”

Erica Givens and Sam Bob

“Corn Phallus”

“Untitled (Polka)”

“Untitled (America)”

“Untitled (Hearts)”

“Swiss Army Cock: Back from Battle”

Emily Moran Barwick
“Cock Block”

Amanda Murphy


Lisa Johnson
“The Original”

John Holmes, Doc Johnson Enterprises, Genetics
“The Mother”

Emily Moran Barwick
“It’s a Long, Hard Ride”

RnR (Ryan Rasmussen and Rudy Salgado)
Boner Bonnet”

Allison Welch

Rachel Singel

Sean Chien
Cockasaurus Rex”

Sam Bob

Jackson Allen

Ian Ligocki
“Planes on a Snake”

Erica Givens

“All Star”

Angela Regas

Ryan Bentzinger


Ian Ligocki

“A Cock From Another Epoch”

Flory Gessner

“Gold Member”

Nathan Wilson
“Get It?”

John C. Wonsowicz and Emily Moran Barwick
David Dunlap
“Half Cocked”

Fractured Mold Due To One Too Many Cocks Hardening In The Shaft

Honored in Absentia:

Emily Moran Barwick

Emily Moran Barwick

The Reception

food and beverages...

(dip in the tip)

the Cockmaster in attendance

interacting with John
quality time with John
on my knees

the Legendary Lisa Johnson
she loves John...
the bananas arrive

the bananas mingle

contemplating the legend...
deep thoughts
the Legendary L.J. with the Legendary J.H.

looking to the future
Dongmaster participants
Dongmaster in action
the Legendary L.J. and the Cockmaster
the Legend flanked by the Legendary L.J. and the Cockmaster